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July 3, 2013, 5:15 pm
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It is City Code that any pool with a minimum depth of 18 inches or can hold over 100 gallons of water needs to have a barrier of at least 6 feet enclosing the pool. What some may not know is that the code also applies to the common blue inflatable pools that can be purchased at a local retail center. The pools available for purchase are typically 36 inches in depth and hold over 100 gallons of water. Another code requirements is that gates and doors providing access to the pool shall be equipped with self-closing and self-locking devices and gates and doors need to be securely closed when the pool is not in use.

City codes may vary, so at the time of purchase a person may not know what restrictions come with it. A permit is required with the City in the amount of $25. The City will come do the inspection when the both the pool and the barrier is up. The pool cannot be filled until there has been an approved inspection of the barrier. Fences or walls used as a barrier will need a separate permit of which are also $25.

This code is in place to protect the safety of our small children so please follow this code as it will be enforced. If there are any questions regarding the code, please feel free to call and ask for the City Inspector at 515-645-6826 or


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